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For Immediate Release • July 11, 2007

Contact: Norman Zierold



New Approach Utilizes the “Chemistry of Sound”
to Produce Maximally Nutritious Food

To Be Used in Developing Countries to Eliminate Poverty


Thursday, July 12 • 11:30 AM
Global Financial Capital of New York
70 Broad Street

The world’s poor nations will become wealthier and the wealthy nations will become healthier as a new “Unified Field”-based approach to organic agriculture is adopted throughout the world.

Such a revolutionary new approach will utilize the “chemistry of sound” to enliven in every plant the Unified Field—Total Natural Law—to yield organic food that is maximally nutritious and life-supporting for the whole population.

This will be the message delivered to UN ambassadors and government and agricultural leaders by Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and executive director of the International Center for Invincible Defense in New York City, along with a panel of distinguished agricultural experts during the “Global Conference on Unified Field-Based Health Care” on Thursday, July 12, at the Global Financial Capital of New York, 70 Broad Street.

The conference will be webcast live at Press are invited to attend in person.

Profound difference between conventional organic
and Unified Field-based organic agriculture

Dr. Hagelin explains the profound difference between conventional organic agriculture, which raises plants without toxic chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, and Unified Field-based organic agriculture:

“Unified Field-based agriculture raises current organic standards to an entirely new level of purity and nutritional potency to produce maximum health-supporting benefits for the consumer—such as balanced physiological functioning, total brain functioning, and higher states of consciousness,” Dr. Hagelin says.

The physics of Unified Field-based organic agriculture

Dr. Hagelin says to understand Unified Field-based organic agriculture—and its power to transform the nutritional potency of a plant—requires an understanding of the Unified Field, which is the unified source of the diversified universe as brought to light by modern physics.

“According to Superstring theories, all the elementary particles, such as the electron, and all the forces, such as the photon of electromagnetism, are just the stable vibrational modes (energy eigenstates) of the Superstring. This also is true of atoms, molecules—and indeed of any stable object, whether microscopic or macroscopic,” Dr. Hagelin says.

“The mechanics of transformation of one particle into another, or one chemical compound into another, is always through the application of sound. For example, to transform sugar into water you add oxygen. To transform a diseased state of the physiology into a healthy state you add herbs or pharmaceuticals. But ultimately, all such particles and compounds are just sounds—vibrational modes of the Unified Field. This is the ‘chemistry of sound,’ through which you can transform anything into anything,” he says.

Unified Field-based organic agriculture is the modern
scientific reformulation of ancient Vedic science of agriculture

Dr. Hagelin says that Unified Field-based organic agriculture is the modern scientific reformulation of the ancient Vedic science of organic agriculture—as brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

“Vedic science is the complete science of the Unified Field, including all of its vibrational modes—or Vedic sounds. These Vedic sounds can be applied to transform anything into anything—including, in agriculture, transforming growing plants into exceptionally healthy, nutritious crops,” Dr. Hagelin says. “During key developmental stages of a maturing plant, the plant is highly sensitive to environmental influences. During these stages, Vedic organic agriculture utilizes specific Vedic sounds to ensure the proper development of the plant, including its precise protein sequences, to produce a maximum life-supporting benefit for the consumer.”

Global Financial Capital of New York offers governments
programs in Unified Field-based organic agriculture

Prof. John Konhaus, professor of Vedic Organic Agriculture and Raja (Administrator) of California at the University of World Peace in Meru, Holland, will also address the conference. Prof. Konhaus says that the depth and scope of the programs of Unified Field-based organic agriculture that are being offered by the Global Financial Capital of New York will:

  1. Develop the full potential of the farmer and his relationship with Natural Law through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying, which brings the support of Nature to the farmer and promotes balance in the environment—including ensuring that the seasons will come on time, rain will be sufficient and timely, and other environmental influences will be beneficial.
  2. Enliven the total potential of Natural Law in food through Vedic sounds which nourish the plant’s growth and development at critical stages of transformation in its life cycle
  3. Ensure the food is pure, fresh, and fully ripened so that the total potential of Nature’s intelligence is fully enlivened in the intelligence and physiology of the consumer

Poverty Removal Program will utilize a country’s unused arable land
to raise a poor nation out of poverty

Prof. Konhaus also says that Unified Field-based, Vedic-based organic agriculture is at the basis of the Poverty Removal Program of the Global Financial Capital of New York. “The Poverty Removal Program will create wealth in poor nations from the country’s own precious land resources,” Prof. Konhaus says. “A small percentage of the unused, arable land in the nation can be used to grow healthy, pure organic food and fiber crops—as well as alternative bio-fuels. The Global Financial Capital has the programs to enliven the total creativity of Natural Law in both the farmers and in the land. When the creative intelligence of man and nature are combined, the generation of wealth is the inevitable result.”

In this way, Prof. Konhaus says, Vedic organic farmers will be able to produce the most nourishing food in the world, which will command high prices in the market—three to four times more than the prices of chemically grown, life damaging food. “This will bring wealth to poor nations and health to wealthy nations, which cannot grow such pure food because their land has been poisoned by toxic agricultural chemicals and pesticides,” Prof. Konhaus says.

Prof. Konhaus will invite financiers to invest in the Poverty Removal Program. “The Global Financial Capital of New York has the knowledge, the plan, and the expertise. Now, with the support of a few insightful people to invest in this program, the world will come out of poverty. It can happen literally overnight,” Prof. Konhaus says.

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