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For Immediate Release • April 23, 2007

Contact: Steven Yellin


Report on the Global Conference on Perfect Health and Immortality

Governments Urged to Adopt New
“Unified Field-Based” Health System to
Promote Perfect Health and Immortality

Cutting-Edge Discoveries in Quantum Physics and
Neuroscience Reveal Immortal Potential of Human Life

New Medical Colleges to be Established in Every Country

(NEW YORK) Today’s disease-ridden, problem-ridden health care system, which teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, can be completely revitalized through a proven new “Unified Field-based” approach to health care that not only effectively treats and prevents disease but also will promote perfect health and greatly extend lifespan.

This was the extraordinary message delivered by Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and executive director of the International Center for Invincible Defense in New York City, along with a panel of distinguished medical researchers and physicians during the “Global Conference on Perfect Health and Immortality.” The conference was held on April 18 at the Global Financial Capital of New York, 70 Broad Street.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Global Country of World Peace, delivered the concluding address to the conference. Maharishi called on government and health leaders to heed the advice of Dr. Hagelin and immediately adopt the health programs offered by the Global Financial Capital of New York to end the sickness and suffering of their people. Maharishi spoke to the conference via satellite from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

The conference was broadcast internationally via satellite and Internet webcast. (See for a replay of the conference and a schedule of upcoming conferences.)

Hundreds of scientific studies verify the effectiveness of the approach

Dr. Hagelin said this profound new approach to health care is the modern scientific reformulation of the world’s most ancient, time-tested system of health care, known as Maharishi Vedic Medicine.

Dr. Hagelin said that more than 600 scientific studies conducted at 250 universities and research institutions in 33 countries have verified the profound health benefits of this Unified Field-based approach. For example, the National Institutes of Health in the United States has awarded tens of millions of dollars to document the effectiveness of key technologies of Vedic medicine for the prevention and treatment of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, high cholesterol, and heart failure.

But Vedic medicine does far more than treat and prevent disease, Dr. Hagelin said. Cutting-edge discoveries in quantum physics and neuroscience show that Vedic medicine can open the door for any individual to enjoy perfect health and a long life—“in the direction of immortality.”

“Immortality is the complete absence of disease, decay, or deterioration of any kind—and, according to the ancient Vedic literature, such a state of perfect health is practically possible for every human being,” Dr. Hagelin said. “Now modern science confirms that this is so.”

Design of the human body mirrors the immortal Unified Field

According to Dr. Hagelin, the mechanisms responsible for the aging process have remained a mystery to modern medical science. “Now, however, we see that the design of the human body appears to be immortal because it mirrors the structure of the Unified Field—the immortal, non-changing basis of the ever-evolving universe,” Dr. Hagelin said.

Dr. Hagelin cited an example of the correlation between the structure of the Unified Field and the human physiology: “The structure of the Unified Field as described in the Lagrangian of the Superstring, with its 192 left-moving and right-moving fermionic degrees of freedom, is perfectly mirrored in the structure of the human brain and nervous system, with its 192 ascending and descending reticular formations.

“The profound, one-to-one correspondences between the structure of the Unified Field and the structure of the human physiology were discovered by the preeminent neuroscientist Professor Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., for which he was awarded his weight in gold and honored as ‘Maharaja Nader Raam, the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace,’” Dr. Hagelin said.

How Maharishi Vedic Medicine can make the human physiology immortal

Dr. Hagelin then addressed two obvious questions: If the human body is immortal, then what accounts for its mortality? And what can be done to make the human body immortal?

“The essential characteristic of immortality in the human physiology is often obstructed and obscured by stress and impurities,” Dr. Hagelin said. “These impediments to perfect health and immortality can be removed by enlivening the Unified Field in the consciousness and physiology of the individual. Maharishi Vedic Medicine offers 40 approaches to accomplish this goal, including:

Maharishi Yoga, which includes the Transcendental Meditation technique, to enliven the Unified Field in individual awareness and to promote life-supporting, health-promoting thought and behavior in accord with Natural Law

Maharishi Vedic Vibration Therapy, which utilizes the fundamental vibrational frequencies of the Unified Field—Vedic sounds—to align the structure and function of the human brain and physiology with the Unified Field

Maharishi Rasayanas, which includes specially prepared herbal compounds to restore balance and to purify the system from toxins and other impurities—without hazardous side effects

Maharishi Vedic Architecture to design “fortune-creating” homes and office buildings in harmony with Natural Law, to prevent sickness and misfortunes that arise from improper orientation

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture to produce healthy, nourishing food, grown without poisonous chemical pesticides and fertilizers, for the whole population

Government leaders urged to act

Dr. Hagelin said that the Global Financial Capital of New York is calling on the UN and government and health leaders in every country to establish new medical colleges that will train a new generation of health professionals in the Unified Field-based science and technology of perfect health and immortality.

“The knowledge is available for every government not only to prevent and treat disease but also to awaken in human awareness and the human physiology the immortal structure of the Unified Field so that everyone can enjoy perfect health and a long life in the direction of immortality,” Dr. Hagelin told the government and health leaders. “This is the offer of Maharishi Vedic Medicine. Don’t allow your people to suffer unnecessarily any longer. Establish these medical colleges and adopt this Unified Field-based approach to health care now.”


“Live your birthright, which is invincible and immortal.
Follow the advice of the great scientist Dr. John Hagelin.”

(NEW YORK) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Global Country of World Peace, declared that ineffective and incomplete heath education is the cause of the chronic sickness and suffering that afflicts billions of people throughout the world, and that through his Unified Field-based, Vedic science-based approach to medicine, all people can enjoy their birthright, which is perfect health and immortality.

Maharishi’s comments came at the conclusion of the “Global Conference on Perfect Health and Immortality,” which was held on Wednesday, April 18, at the Global Financial Capital of New York. Maharishi spoke via satellite from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

“Immortality is the invincible defense against weakness, negative influences, and disease,” said Maharishi, who cited the ancient Vedic literature on perfect health: “Every individual has the potential for immortality because the inner Self of everyone is the Unified Field, which is transcendental and immortal—beyond space and time and decay.”

Maharishi emphasized that immortality is not a new word. “Throughout time, the wise have been speaking about immortality. I am doing the same thing. And now millions of people are practicing Transcendental Meditation and experiencing the Unified Field—Total Natural Law—in their own self-referral consciousness. This is the invincible and immortal field within every individual—and the driving force of everyone’s life.”

Maharishi concluded by urging governments to upgrade their health care systems to be Unified Field based to provide perfect health and immortality for everyone. Maharishi also exhorted everyone to follow the advice of the great quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin and learn Transcendental Meditation. “Take a dive within to your own inner Self, to the Unified Field, to Transcendental Consciousness. You were born to be invincible. You were born to be immortal. What a wealth of happiness, health, and bliss you are,” Maharishi said. “Follow the advice of Dr. Hagelin, who is inviting everyone to live on the level of immortality.”

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