Global Financial Capital of New York — Seven Projects in Favor of Life on Earth

Reasons for undertaking these projects Project number 7:
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Managing Global Risk through Coherent Collective Consciousness:
A New Perspective on Global Investing

Removal of poverty is a project that is promoted by our deepest sentiment of life—that the nature of life is bliss; but our people in front of us are exposed to scarcity and suffering. It puts us to pain and shame that half of our dear world family is living in dire poverty. Therefore we are, on our own level, and even from the level of existing wealth in the world, inspired to make efforts to eliminate poverty and raise the standard of living of poor families in our world. The path to be adopted is to give to the poor education and training about the nature of life, and not to give them “minimum wages” but fairly good level of wages, so that they can live in proper homes, have proper clothing and healthy food, and sufficient means for the education of their children (at least corresponding to the middle income bracket).

For this we have planned to employ the poor and give them the skills of starting organic agriculture in their own country. There are more than 40 million hectares of unused, fertile, agricultural land in the world. This gift of God is available on Earth, and by making use of it we can eliminate poverty in our world.

The RAAM is the global development currency of the Global Country of World Peace. It is being offered to governments, chambers of commerce, farmers’ associations, and other development agencies as a “catalytic currency,” which will circulate for a limited time to finance agricultural and other startups.

The RAAM has been approved