The Solution is Here

Dr. Benjamin Feldman
Minister of Finance and Planning
of the Global Country of World Peace

Investors of good will are invited to fulfill their aspirations through our programs:

  1. To crown every country with Invincibility;
  2. To provide effective prevention-oriented problem free administration;
  3. To provide ideal education for Total Knowledge to every student through consciousness based education;
  4. To provide effective prevention-oriented health care;
  5. To provide healthy organic food products grown without poisonous fertilizers and pesticides;
  6. To Provide Fortune Creating Homes and workplaces for everyone;
    and above all:
  7. To eradicate poverty as soon as possible.

All the details are available for study by any serious investor.

“In the light of God, we are sponsoring some part of this program simultaneously in every country with primary focus on 37 countries with most powerful level of economy. 2007 has already begun to show the turning point in the history of mankind. Glory to God, Glory to God. Glory to our Guide, the Tradition of Vedic Masters.”

—Benjamin Feldman



70 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004